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Camp Yavneh staff positions are currently accepting applicants for Summer 2017. 

Camp Yavneh Team Members

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Camp Director- Sharona Hassan

Sharona Hassan is thrilled to return for her forth summer at Camp Yavneh. Combining her love for summer time fun, creative journeys, and  experiential education, she ensures that camp will be a meaningful, memorable time.  Seamlessly merging Torah, fun, and professionalism, Sharona guides the camp on adventures connecting to the values we cherish most. Sharona’s skill set is fine-tuned, with a master's degree in social work,  experience as an educator across three continents, and raising her own children. In addition to her role at camp, Sharona teaches, oversees the preschool at Torah Day School of Seattle, and is the Rubissa of Sephardic Bikur Holim.

Girls Head Counselor

Rachel Allen grew up in the Seattle Jewish community, and has just returned from a year of learning at Darchei Bina in Bayit Va'gan, Yerushalayim. She is thrilled to be rejoining Camp Yavneh for her sixth summer as a BCMH camp counselor, and looks forward to spending her summer having a blast with her campers!

Girls CIT/Ananim Head Counselor

Hi! My name is Nechuma Kaufman. I am 18 years old and will be graduating from the Hebrew High School of New England this year, located in West Hartford, CT. I was born and raised in England for the first 10 years of my life. Seven years ago I moved to New Haven, CT and have ever since loved it. I have been working with kids since the age of 15 as a first time counselor in Miami Beach!. This will be my first time in Seattle and I am excited to have the best summer ever!

Boys CIT/ Head Counselor

I am Yehuda (Lee) Brawerman and Seattle has been where I call home for the last six years. LA, CA is where I was born and I have lived in Eugene, OR, Vancouver, BC and Mevaseret, Israel when I was in Yeshiva (YSMZ) for two years. Over the past two years I have been working with BCMH and NCSY  as an adviser for their middle and high school attendees. Since I was sixteen I have been in college and I currently go to Touro University where I will achieve a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Logging, race car driving, marksmanship, barbecues, strongman/strength athlete, camping/outdoors and wood shop/mechanics may not have much in common with each other, yet what they do have is my love for them all.


Hello my name is Sammy Aronson, I am 24 years old. I hail from the great city south of the border known as  Portland OR, where there is even more crunchy granola people/home grown coffee than seattle (you did't know that was possible, did you?)

After learning in Israel for a year and a half post high school, I attended YU and graduated with a degree in marketing. I am now in Rabbinical school studying to be a Secret Service Agent, or more commonly known as, a Rabbit without the t. Throughout my time in college and Smicha I have worked for an amazing organization known as NCSY, where I have taught many a young folk how to increase their levels of swag beyond their wildest dreams by connecting to their Judaism in an awesome way.  

Looking forward to a second amazing summer at CAMP YAVNEH!!!!

Lead Counselors

Rena K

Hi, I’m Rena Rose Korn. I'm graduating Derech Emunah this year and I’ve lived in Seattle all of my life. I've spent the last two and a half years (and counting!) working in Ezra Bessaroth’s and BCMH's youth program, and have been a part of the Yavneh family for the past three summers. I love being part of Yavneh and am so excited to be coming back for my fourth year! 


Hi, my name is Shua Bass, i am 17 years old and a senior in Yeshiva High School of Arizona. I now live in Detroit but lived in Seattle for about 5 years. Ever since my family moved from Seattle I have wanted to come back to visit and be apart of the amazing community again. I can't wait to be coming back this summer to be a counselor for my 5th year in the best camp on the planet! I can't wait to see everyone this summer!!


Hi, my name is Alex Birk, I go to Derech Emunah, and I'm going into 10th grade. I have lived in Seattle most my life and I'm excited to be a counselor this year. I have been working for BCMH since I was 10, and Camp Yavnah since I was 11. For the past 2 years I've been working as the counselor for Junior Minyan. I can't wait to come back this year and be a counselor for the 4-6 grade girls. 


Hi, my name is Yael Genauer. I live in Seattle, Washington, I work for the Yavneh Youth Program at BCMH and I go to the Seattle Jewish Girls High School, Derech Emunah. I am fun, energetic, and I hope to make this an awesome summer for my campers. I love coming back to Camp Yavneh every summer because of the great atmosphere.

More Staff Bios Coming soon!

Assistant Counselors


Hi I'm Saralah Bresler. I have lived in Seattle most of my life and currently go to Derech Emunah high school. I am the oldest of seven kids. I am looking forward to working at Camp Yavneh  this summer!

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Ellie Babani is going to be a freshman in Derech Emunah this fall. She is currently a youth leader at Sephardic Bikur Holim and leads Shabbat groups every week. She ran a backyard camp last summer and was a color war captain at Camp Sternberg. She babysits regularly and has three younger siblings. Ellie loves biking, reading, and singing. She is very excited to join the Yavneh staff this year.


My name  Elaina Korn, I'm 15 years old I just finished my Freshman year at Derech Emunah. I have been working at camp for the last 3 years. I enjoy music and sports and I'm looking forward to working this summer at camp again.


Tali Margolese is an 8th grade graduate from Torah Day School and is planning on going to Derech Emunah for high school next year. She has been working as a counselor for the BCMH youth groups and Camp Gan Shalom for almost 4 years now. What Tali loves most about working at camp is the fun spirit that is always happening there along with hanging out with the kids. 


Hi! My name is Bracha Poyurs and I am 14 years old. I am a 8th grade graduate of TDS (Torah Day School of Seattle). For high school I am going to Derech Emunah. This is my third summer working at Camp Yavneh. What I like most about working at Yavneh is playing with the kids. 


Hi, I'm Jakey Assouline, I was born in Israel, I'm 14 and go to Morningside Academy in South Lake Union. I can't wait to be a part of Camp Yavneh again this summer! I've worked for Camp Yavneh for the last 2 years. Ever year is a new adventure, not only the kids but the activities. A long time ago I was even a camper here. I love all sports,  I'm full of energy and have a passion for photography. I'm a big part of the Ezra Bessaroth daily minyan. I also play baseball for Rainer District Little League. I have 3 siblings, Eli (12), Joey (9) and Mia (3). I am very excited to work with Camp Yavneh this year.


My name is Michali Alhadeff and I am an 8th grade graduate of TDS. This fall I will be attending Derech Emunah as a freshman. In the past, I ran my own backyard camp for children between the ages of 3-5. In addition to that, I babysit for families in the community. This will be my first time working at Yavneh and I am really excited for an awesome summer.

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Gan Shalom Staff

Lead Counselors


Hi I'm Aviva Prizont! I just spent an amazing year learning in Israel at Beis Yaakov Machon Raaya and am returning to Yavneh for a second summer. I worked in BCMH's and Ashreichem Yisrael's youth programs throughout High School and can't wait to spend another fun summer at Camp Yavneh!

rena g

Hi, my name is Rena Greene, I am from Seattle and am very happy to be back home for the whole summer. I am now attending a college in New York called Marymount Manhattan College majoring in Communications with a concentration in Media Studies. I love working as a camp counselor, doing arts and crafts, sports, etc. I am looking forward to another great summer! See y’all soon!

More Staff Bios Coming soon!

Assistant Counselors

My name is Alyssa Braunstein, I am 16 years old. I am a Junior in high school and attending a program called Running Start at Bellevue College.
I have been working with children for about five years now, I started out as a mothers helper then continued on to babysitting. I have experience doing groups with all ages at my Synagogue- Congregation Shevet Achim( The Island Synagogue), as well as experience with the Friendship Circle for about two years. Last year I was a morning nanny for two boys on Mercer Island as well as taught Kindergarten for the Chabad Hebrew School. This year I am a morning nanny for a girl who lives on Mercer Island as well as work as a counselor for the kids corner at the YMCA, where I have experience with kids from the ages of 6 weeks- 11 years. 
I am excited for this summer! 

Hi my name is Miriam Condiotty. I've lived in the Seward park neighborhood my whole life."  I have five siblings and three dogs. I'm a high school student at Derech Emunah. I enjoy making Sephardic food, babysitting, and taking care of my siblings. I'm scheduled to get my license in August. I plan on furthering my Jewish education by returning to sleep away camp in New York this summer.

Sam H

Hi! My name is Sam Holland. I just graduated from the Seattle Hebrew Academy, and I’m excited to start Northwest Yeshiva High School in the fall. I love to have fun, play sports, travel, and hang out with family and friends. I bring a lot of ruach to everything I do. Fun fact: I have 2 brothers, ages 3 and 22. I have a lot of experience with young children, and we always have a great time! Can’t wait to meet you at Camp Yavneh this summer!

Sarah Post

Hi, I’m Sarah Post; I’ve grown up in the Seward Park community and this will be my third year working at Camp Yavneh, in the Gan Shalom division. I love kids and I am super excited to be working at camp this summer!

My name is Shevy Alhadeff and I will be a senior at Derech Emunah this fall. 

I love working with kids and babysit regularly in our community. A few years ago my friends and I ran a summer camp for kids ages 3-5 in my backyard and we had a blast. Last year I spent my summer in Israel learning and touring on NCSY's summer program, Michlelet. I am so excited to be back in Seattle working at Camp Yavneh this summer! 

Lay Leadership


BCMH Youth Director/ Camp Logistics- Ari Hoffman

 Ari is in charge of logistics as well as staff recruitment for Camp Yavneh. Ari has dedicated most of his life to Jewish education. Ari is currently the Youth Director at BCMH. He and his wife Jessica served as the directors of Seattle NCSY for over a decade. Ari spent 7 summers as a water skiing instructor at Westchester Summer Day in Mamaroneck, NY and 3 of those summers as the head of the water sports program.

BCMH Youth Chair/Summer Supervisor- Heather Jacobson

Heather, who has been Chair of Youth Programs at BCMH for more than 10 years, got started with camps seven years ago when she took on leadership of Gan Shalom, then in its third year.  Heather started Camp Yavneh in 2010 to provide a Jewish day camp option for the month of August, and oversaw its transition to an 8 week camp several years later.  She is very excited about the new leadership at Camp Yavneh, and can't wait to see what the summer has in store!  Heather plans to stay actively involved in Camp Yavneh both as an administrator and as a volunteer: expect to see her regularly shlepping supplies, driving field trips and in her traditional role as Camp Yavneh's stand-in lifeguard.  In her other life, Heather is an attorney and mom of four.

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Registration & Gan Shalom Supervisor
Sasha Mail

Sasha has been working with Gan Shalom on the administrative and support systems since 2012 when her twin boys joined the camp.  As Gan Shalom merged with Camp Yavneh, she has continued to support both camps and parents. She currently manages the camp database and finances.  When not working on camp items, Sasha can be found managing special events such as parties, weddings, and bar/bat-mitzvos.