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BCMH's day camps have been serving happy campers in the Seward Park community for many many years. Originally, the camps went by the name Gan Noar. In 1990 it was reinvented as Camp Kol Rena. In 2006 the camps expanded to August with Camp Yavneh and the added the pre school camp Gan Shalom. In 2015 it became obvious that the facilities could no longer handle the growing numbers of campers. The BCMH Board of Directors and the membership voted on the construction of the Yavneh Education Center to replace the aging Yavneh building. A two story state of the art facility was built to house the summer camps, The Yavneh Youth Program for Shabbos and NCSY. in 2016 all of the camps were consolidated under the name Camp Yavneh in our new facility.


Camp Yavneh Today


Camp Yavneh provides Jewish children and their families with a safe, supportive environment rooted in Torah values and welcomes families from many different backgrounds. In addition to our fun camp activities, we offer engaging Jewish learning at every level. Counselors don't merely impart knowledge to the campers, but rather we hope and strive to spark a sense of excitement within each camper. The daily lessons are hands on and include games and other interactive activities. The songs, both in Hebrew and English serve as a joyous bond that brings us all together. Camp Yavneh is a place where lifelong friendships begin. Children develop lasting bonds with other children that they may not otherwise had gotten to know. Additionally, young children gain valuable role models in older campers and counselors. On the flip-side, our older youth are given the opportunity to act as role models for younger children. This, of course, is a win-win situation! Most of our staff have at one point been campers at Camp Yavneh themselves! Campers and staff members develop a fondness for Camp Yavneh that can best be seen through the Camp Yavneh spirit. Each day campers are exuberantly greeted by the counselors and the day is punctuated with bursts of song, cheer and laughter. Our daily activities include davening, learning, arts and crafts, sports and swimming. Our trips have included horseback riding, bowling, indoor gymnastics, ice-skating, roller-skating, Pump it Up, ceramics studios, Improv theater, Experience Music Project, Science Center, numerous parks, Northwest Trek, Kangaroo Farms and more.

About our sponsor BCMH

Established more than 125 years ago, Bikur Cholim Machzikay Hadath Congregation is Seattle’s oldest congregation. As the city’s main Ashkenazic Orthodox synagogue, BCMH attracts families from around the Puget Sound area. Shabbos and holiday services at the Seward Park synagogue typically draw over 200 people. An active youth program offers extensive activities for children of all ages throughout the year.

BCMH is the largest Ashkenazic Orthodox synagogue in the greater Seattle area, with nearly 200 member families. The diverse congregation includes members who have been with the congregation for more than eighty years, as well as a thriving youth membership of more than two hundred infants, children and teens.

BCMH offers its members a number of services, including:

  • Daily minyan morning and evening 365 days a year, including two weekday morning minyanim
  • Shabbos and holiday services in the main sanctuary every week
  • Shabbos morning childcare and tefilah for youth ages 18 months to 18 years
  • Dynamic Youth and Adult & Family Programs
  • In addition, BCMH houses and maintains the newly refurbished Seattle Mikvah and the Seattle Jewish Chapel and Chevra Kadisha, and owns the Bikur Cholim and Machzikay Hadath cemeteries. BCMH also maintains the Seward Park community eruv.

    If you would like to visit BCMH for Shabbos or Yom Tov, or for more information about the synagogue, please call  (206) 721-0970 and press 0 when voicemail begins or visit our website.